In the Marvel world of mutants, metahumans, and all-around tough guys and gals, there’s no lack of villains that are too powerful for just one or two heroes to take on. When these situations arise, have no fear; it’s time to call on the Avengers.

Conceptualized in 1963 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, the Avengers were Marvel's response to the success of the recently created Justice League over at DC. The original line-up consisted of Hank Pym, Wasp, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man, but the team was always intended to have a rotating cast and feature a wide variety of characters from across the furthest reaches of the Marvel universe.

The team has seen street-level bounty hunters, world leaders, robots, spies, and even cosmic entities grace its roster through the years. So to celebrate the diversity of the Avengers, we’ve assembled a mighty cosplay gallery of its amazing alumni.

These cosplayers are as different in their portrayals as the characters are themselves, and each brings their own fantastic interpretations to their favorite heroes. From the originals to the latest, from the regulars to the oddities, each hero here is a reminder ofn the Marvel Universe --- and cosplay --- at its best.


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