Batgirl means a lot of things to a lot of people. And part of the reason for that is the fact that over the years, a number of characters have donned the cape and cowl and gone by the name Batgirl. Cassandra Cain, Helena Bertinelli, Stephanie Brown, and even Betty Kane have all called themselves Batgirl (or Bat-Girl in Betty Kane’s case), and, as is always the case when you have multiple characters carrying on under the same name, they all have their fans that love them dearly.

And while all of those people that love all of those different incarnations have every reason to, there’s no arguing that the version of Batgirl that looms largest in the minds of both comic fans and people only familiar with the character from pop culture in general, and that version is Barbara Gordon.

Not only has Barbara held the title of Batgirl the longest, she’s the character that’s endured throughout her own adventures and tribulations, the many changes to the fictional universe that surrounds her, and the real world upheavals of the medium she exists within. She’s become Batgirl, been paralyzed and unable to continue being Batgirl, recreated herself as a new kind of crimefighter and ally to the entire superhero community as Oracle, become Batgirl once again, and then rebooted herself into an all-new (and very popular) Batgirl.

She’s also the version of Batgirl that’s made her way beyond the confines of the comic pages. First in the 1960s, in the live action form of actress Yvonne Craig on the Batman television series, but also in several animated projects including Batman: The Animated Series, Young Justice, and Super Best Friends Forever. And the less said about Batman & Robin the better, but hey, that version was also named Barbara, so take that however you will.

So we hope you’ll enjoy this collection of artwork celebrating Babs’ many moods and looks and check out the artists who’ve shown her so much love. This is the best Batgirl fan art.


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