Kate Kane was the character the Bat-Family needed. An adult woman who takes inspiration from Batman without being his protégé. In other words, his equal, although she still respects him as the guy who was doing it first, and the clear leader of the Bat-franchise. Her military background gives her training in combat and strategy that makes her an asset to the group, as well as a formidable hero on her own.

And she's also gay. One of the most prominent queer heroes DC Comics has, in fact. And that was a central part of her character from her introduction. I'm all for existing heroes coming out (I think it should happen more often, in fact), but there's also something to be said for approaching a character in terms of "What would a lesbian superhero be like? What's her perspective on the world, and how does that impact her crimefighting?"

Greg Rucka even gave her an origin that ties into the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy that restricted gay people from military service. With the restriction since rescinded, the origin is already becoming dated, but Rucka has said that's intentional. He wanted to remind future readers how recently that kind of institutionalized discrimination was commonplace, knowing it would be easy to forget once it's gone.

Batwoman's solo title didn't survive some poor editorial and creative decisions, but as of Rebirth, she's a central character in Detective Comics, which is where she got her first solo run prior to the New 52. So even if it's not in a title called Batwoman, it's great to see her back in the spotlight. She's also a main character in the delightful and very queer DC Bombshells.

So with this being Pride Week, it's all the more appropriate that we celebrate Kate Kane with a gallery of fan art. It features many gorgeous depictions of her in the iconic Batwoman costume, but also some of her stylish civilian looks, and her baseball-oriented Bombshells incarnation.


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