This past weekend saw the release of Captain America: Civil War, and while I won’t spoil anything for you, I will say you should definitely go see it, because it was incredible. The movie could really pass for Avengers 3 because pretty much everyone we know is in it. And then there are the exciting new additions that you will also come to know and love! Or already do just from the trailers! Look, whatever your level of involvement with this movie is at this point, it is undeniable that excitement for this movie is at an absolute fever pitch and even with all of the other Avengers and Marvel heroes and villains surrounding him, the movie is still, at its heart, about Captain America.

Heart and Captain America go hand in hand, because as far as I’m concerned, Captain America is not just the cornerstone, but the living, breathing, shield-slinging heart of the Marvel Universe. Cap’s the ultimate embodiment of what someone with a good heart and the will to stand up for what’s right can do, and it’s no small feat that Marvel Studios and Chris Evans have been able to pull off the miracle of getting a character that’s so crucial to that universe so right. In less capable hands, Steve Rogers could have come across as square or lame or antiquated or old-fashioned or worse, but unlike some other movie studios’ attempts to take a character that’s had those kinds of words tossed at him, Marvel, Evans, and the collected writers and directors of the five movies Cap has now been a part of found ways to make all of those possible pitfalls into strengths of the character. To make him charming and endearing and inspirational. You know, instead of just trying to darken him up and make him “cool”. Instead, they said, “Yeah, he’s kinda square, but you know what, that’s kinda what makes him cool.”

Cap’s just a little guy like us, only now he’s a little guy that can stand up for all of us little guys. He may be from America, but he’s for everyone, so it’s easy to see why Captain America gained such a following and inspired so much great fan art from all over the world.



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