While 2016 was a tough year in many regards, it's produced some amazing comics, from suburban sci-fi to sex toy reviews, from kooky Vertigo revivals to bootleg superhero zines. But who were the outstanding creators in 2016?

That's a question that we want you, the readers, to answer. We've put together a series of polls to determine which talented writers, artists, inkers, editors and more deserve special recognition for their contributions to comics in 2016.

The writers and editors at ComicsAlliance have compiled their shortlists. Now it's up to you to pick out the best of the best.

These polls close midnight EST on Saturday 17 December, and we'll share the results next week. Be sure to check back in with us on Thursday for the third and final round of polls, covering the best new characters of the year, the best adaptations of comics to the screen, and the breakthrough talent of 2016.



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