Some monsters are surprisingly small, no bigger than a person or smaller still. They intimidate psychologically or with supernatural powers, not with size and strength. But then there are monsters that are big. Giant monsters are easy to understand. They are to humans what we are to ants, and we all know all too well how many ants we've stepped on.

With Monsters Unleashed going on at Marvel, and Kong: Skull Island currently in theaters, this feels like a great time to pay tribute to the various giant beasts and kaiju that have graced the covers of comic books for about as long as comics have existed.

Some of these monsters come from space, while others emerge from ancient mythology. And there are those, like Godzilla, who owe their existence to human experiments, often of the radioactive variety. This gallery runs the gamut from straight-faced Silver Age sci-fi comics to tongue-in-cheek postmodernist takes like Chris Wisnia's Monstrosis and Zander Cannon's Kaijumax.

One thing you won't find in the gallery is any Jack Kirby covers. He did so many amazing monster covers that he got his own gallery years ago. You will find his creation Fin Fang Foom in here once or twice. You'll also find DC's Faceless Hunter from Saturn, Marvel's Red Ronan, and Godzilla comics from three different companies.


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