Hawkgirl and Hawkman are strange birds, and not just because they have wings on their back and wear hawk-inspired helms. Originally created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dennis Neville, the characters were once an Egyptian prince and princess that died and have been reincarnated in different forms. Shiera Saunders and Carter Hall were the first realize this and take up heroic personas, deploying Nth metal wings and using its supernatural properties to fly and combat villains.

Many different characters have since taken up the Hawk mantles, though their storylines never stray far from one another. Both Hawkgirl and Hawkman are often seen as more bull-headed and straightforward members of the Justice Society and Justice League of America. Neither is known for backing down in a fight and both are amazingly capable whether solo or when teaming up.

Through their many lives, they have been royalty, gunslingers, and most notably alien police partners from the planet Thanagar. Regardless of their roles, their reincarnation storylines often stay intact, and one life’s actions and accomplishments often inform the next --- even going as far as to knowingly cheat death on a few occasions.

Throughout the comics and comics-inspired media, Hawkgirl and Hawkman have seen fluctuating levels of action and fandom, though Hawkgirl has gained prominence from her time as a member of the Justice League on the eponymous animated series and as Hawkwoman in The CW's Legends of Tomorrow. This has translated to some wonderful interpretations on the cosplay scene as well. (But hey, Hawkman has a few stalwart fans representing him as well!)

Each cosplayer takes it upon themselves to craft these warriors and bring them to life in interesting and creative ways, playing their parts as the reincarnated avian duo of justice. These are the best Hawkgirl and Hawkman cosplays!


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