2015 is the 30th anniversary of Jem (and, to a lesser extent, the Holograms), and with her outstanding new comic series from IDW in comic stores and her very first feature film hitting theaters nationwide, there’s no better time to celebrate our favorite hologram-powered, rock ‘n roll superhero!

Debuting in October of 1985 with one of the most memorable theme songs of a decade filled with memorable theme songs, Jem burst onto television screens across the country promising excitement, adventure, glamour, glitter, fashion, and fame. Any two of those would probably have been enough, but to offer all six before the song even gets to the chorus made it clear that wide-eyed young viewers were in for something special.

And the song never even gets into the fact that Jem (or rather her alter-ego, Jerrica Benton) owns her own record label and gains her showstopping stage special effects, as well as her means of fighting the forces of evil and lousy music, from an advanced “holographic computer” with a personality called “Synergy”. Oh, also, she lets twelve orphans called the “Starlight Girls” live with her and her band! I suppose it’s hard to blame the song for already having too much to talk about to get to those aspects, but I do wish the theme was a little clearer about stuff like whether “Jem” was her name, and to what extent she was outrageous.

This was (and still is) a show simply overflowing with ideas and reasons to watch. It’s as if the theme song was inviting you to watch like a carnival barker: Hey, kid! You like adventure? Excitement? I’ve got just the show for you! What’s that? You don’t like adventure? What about romance and fashion, then? No? Well how do you feel about glitter?

So, while her movie looks to be getting lambasted by critics already, there’s still a lot to love about Jem and her world. It’s a world of high-stakes, high-energy, high-fashion, and high-notes, and it’s high-time I stopped talking so you can get on with checking out all the fantastic fanart we’ve found for you. Check out the artists' sites, and stay outrageous.

Truly, truly outrageous.

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