When it comes to an icon like Batman, creation of a true foil requires care and precision, and there is perhaps no one better to fit the bill than the Joker. Created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson, the Joker debuted in the first issue of Batman back in 1940. Originally meant to be killed off in his debut, The Joker instead survived to become Batman’s perfect antithesis in morality, philosophy and methods. He is a criminal mastermind who has been in the spotlight in many of Bruce Wayne’s most trying of times as defender of Gotham.

The Joker isn’t simply a crook, thief, or monster. He had a place in the apparent death of Jason Todd, the crippling of Barbara Gordon, and any number of other sinister schemes throughout DC Comics. The Joker has often shown himself to not simply be focused on committing crimes, but rather more focused on atrocities that would get under the skin and strike directly at the heart of his heroic nemesis. The salt in the wound lies in his jocular grin and laugh, carrying himself with seemingly utter disregard and chaos in opposition to the firmness and order that Batman ultimately pursues.

No doubt, it is his place high on the throne in the pantheon of Batman baddies that drives cosplayers to take up his iconic pale skin, green hair, and sinister smile. A truly good Joker cosplay is equal parts unsettling and fantastic, as even Joker’s mildest of appearances look right at home in Arkham Asylum. From the toothy grin, to the flashy get-up, these cosplayers bring the Joker to life in a fashion that will leave you calling for the Caped Crusader. These are the best Joker cosplays.


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