Dick Grayson has done it all. He was in the circus. He was the first Robin. He’s the reason almost every superhero had to have a kid sidekick. He started his own super-team with his friends. He broke away from Batman and became his own hero, and took over for his mentor and became Batman.More than once. He’s been a good cop in a bad city. He’s died and come back as a super-spy. And now, with DC Rebirth in full swing, he’s set to slip back into the black and blue and become Nightwing once again!

Oh, and if you haven’t been on the internet, he also has the unquestioned, best butt in comics. So, yeah, as you might have guessed there’s a lot of fan art of him floating (or flipping, spinning, and swinging) around out there on the internet.

There are those who will say that everyone can be divided into one of two camps when it comes to comic characters: Superman people and Batman people. If you know even the slightest bit about me, the odds are high that you know “loving Superman” is kind of my main deal. I like Batman too, but Superman is my guy.

So it might surprise you to learn that Dick Grayson/Robin is also one of my absolute favorite characters. If you’ve never read Robin: Year One, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Dick Grayson as Robin is someone who has been through just as harrowing and traumatizing an ordeal as a young Bruce Wayne, but refused to let those experiences extinguish the spark of hope and happiness within him. He smiles. He laughs. He’s like Batman, except fun.

And without getting too personal, I’ll just say that that kind of attitude really resonated with a young yours truly. Superman and Batman may be the “World’s Finest”, but Dick Grayson is clearly the finest parts of both of them. I’d also be willing to bet that while all the world saving is impressive, Superman and Batman both would agree that he is their greatest accomplishment as a team/couple.

So enjoy this Nightwing art, check out the talented artists responsible, and reminisce about your favorite Dick Grayson memories and moments in the comments!


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