In August of 1993, the immortal words “It’s Morphin’ Time!” were first broadcast to an unsuspecting public on the Fox network. More than twenty years later, it is apparently still time to morph, because the Power Rangers are poised on the precipice of another pop-culture 'plosion! (which is totally a real word and not just an excuse for alliteration. Look it up.)

The premise is simple: five teenagers are recruited by a robot and a floating, disembodied wizard head in a tube to receive incredible powers, colorful costumes, and giant robots that they will use to battle an evil witch that lives on the moon and has an army of monsters. And their robots can come together to make an even bigger robot… because the witch’s monsters always grow to be gigantic during their fights. Oh, and attitude... the teenagers have to have attitude. Attitude is crucial to the wizard’s monster battling plans. Simple!

After 22 television seasons and two feature films, the show (originally made as an excuse to cheaply recycle footage from the Japanese Super Sentai series Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger) has ridden a wave of nostalgia and the constant influx of fresh fans to reach new heights of popularity. Expect that popularity to keep growing like a monster with the upcoming release of Boom StudiosPower Rangers comic series, and the 2017 release of a third major motion picture.

The Power Rangers have had 19 different themes over the last two decades, including Time Force, Alien Rangers, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, Jungle Fury, and, of course, “in Space." We've compiled a gallery of art inspired by the show’s earliest incarnation, along with some great ideas for redesigns and updates of the classic characters.


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