Rogue and Gambit have had a sketchy history beyond their tenure as X-Men. Both of them have been villains, and are linked to other, much more sinister characters in the Marvel universe. Could it be that’s why they make such an interesting couple? But whether you prefer them together or apart, fans have certainly developed a fondness for the Southern belle and the Cajun casanova.

Rogue and Gambit made their official debuts in 1981 and 1990 respectively, and have since become core members of the X-Men. Rogue also joined the Avengers for a while; Gambit went the other way and joined the Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Rogue's story began when she ran away from home after almost killing someone with her powers. She was adopted/recruited by Mystique, but after absorbing Ms. Marvel’s psyche and powers, she chose to align with Professor Xavier and the X-Men and use her powers for good. Likewise, Gambit came from a rough background, growing up as a member of a Thieves’ Guild. He worked for Mr. Sinister during the Mutant Massacre, and has seemed a dubious character even on the side of the angels.

Perhaps their shared outsider mentality makes them a good complement for one another --- or perhaps it makes them a bad romance.

Rogue and Gambit have a fanbase that loves to cosplay --- in fact they're one of the most popular couples cosplays on the convention circuit. So whether you enjoy the rugged charm of Gambit, the vibrant strength of Rogue, or the balancing act of the two of them together, you can get a taste of both in all their forms here in this gallery of the best Rogue and Gambit cosplay.


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