Quite a bit has happened since the first Star Wars movie opened in 1977. With seven core movies, several more in the works, comic book series, video games, television series and numerous books ranging from the core material to stories far beyond it, the Star Wars franchise has done more than well for itself. It has been the single largest science-fiction property from which millions and millions of fans draw inspiration and joy.

We may be far removed from the original days of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Darth Vader, but those stories are nonetheless timeless. If anything, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was proof enough that almost four decades later, the world is still ready to have intergalactic larger than life heroes and villains that tell a fantastic story.

Perhaps most importantly, the Star Wars universe, both core and expanded, is an incredibly rich tapestry of characters that provide endless opportunity for cosplay. In celebration of the characters we are quite familiar with and those that are a little more obscure, we’ve gathered a grand array of cosplay here in one place. Whether Jedi, Sith, human, alien, droid, or monster, these cosplayers each put together a costume that encapsulates just a little bit of the grandiose magic of Star Wars. These are the best Star Wars cosplays.


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