Superman isn’t the only big Kryptonian on the block. Today we’re putting the spotlight on Kal-El’s cousin, the one and only Supergirl. In the 1940s and 50s, DC played around several times with the idea of having a female version of Superman. Lois Lane had a story where she dreamed of being Superwoman, and Superboy had a stint where he was changed into a woman by an alien, but these stories were largely used to gauge public interest. It was in 1958 that Kara Zor-El as we know her came to life in the pages of DC comic books, the first character to officially carry the “Supergirl” moniker.

Supergirl would gradually become a larger part of the DC universe. Though she would be retconned out of existence during the ‘80s, the character enjoyed a resurgence starting in 2004 in comics, television, video games and other media, including her much more recent appearance in a fairly well-praised TV series starring Melissa Benoist. And as the character enjoys new popularity, so the cosplay follows!

We’ve gathered a collection of Kryptonian cosplayers into one place for your enjoyment. Some don the classic skirt and shirt combo, or the look from her animated appearances, or the pin-up inspired Bombshell version of her costume, or even their own creative take on the character. Whatever the look, many of these fine cosplayers go out of their way to embody the cheerfulness that provides a spark of light and hope in the sometimes grim world of superheroes.

Here’s to showing in that “Super” isn’t just reserved for men. These are the best Supergirl cosplays ever.


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