Betty and Veronica are still at each other's throats in Betty & Veronica #2 by Adam Hughes, and things continue to escalate. In fact, the issue opens with the word "WAR" in all caps as a truck is engulfed in flames against the night sky, while an unidentified girl kneels in the street next to a skull wearing Jughead's hat. This is teased as a preview of the second issue, but I'm honestly not sure if that's for real or a joke. It's sometimes difficult to spot the jokes in this book.

Jughead's dog, Hot Dog, is still the narrator of this comic for some reason, and he also serves as the cigar-smoking ring announcer in a double-page spread of a boxing match between Betty and Veronica. This boxing match doesn't happen, of course, nor is it any character's dream or fantasy, but it still takes up two pages. And their boxing gear may actually be the closest thing to cute, stylish clothes that they wear in this comic, so that's something.

My favorite thing about this comic continues to be the variant covers. Kevin Wada's in particular is a great look at a 2016 Betty and Veronica that could exist. Rachael Stott and Allison Sohn also bring a lot to the character. And while David Mack is doing his own thing as usual, his take on Betty is at least an interesting one.


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Variant Cover by Kevin Wada
Variant Cover by Rachael Stott
Variant Cover by David Mack
Variant Cover by Allison Sohn


Here's the official word from Archie Comics:

The latest hit New Riverdale series continues to defy expectations with some major surprises: including besties turning into enemies! The battle no one expected hits its peak as Betty and Veronica declare all-out war on each other! It’s a battle of benefits as Betty tries to raise money to save Pop’s, while Ronnie’s staging her own competing fundraisers in move destroy Betty’s efforts. All bets are off as the girls go from best pals to cutthroat competitors. You’ve never seen a car wash like this! Will the two icons find their way back to friendship, or is this the end of one of the longest-running partnerships in history?