You've seen the screen shots, read the interviews and watched its stylized opening, but there's two more videos to watch before Cartoon Network's CG animated Beware the Batman debuts. Posted on the official BtB Facebook page, the final promo vid sees Batman face down Professor Pyg and Toad, cruise around in the show's new Batmobile and narrowly escape rooftop explosions.

As if fans needed a real reason to watch a Bruce Timm designed Batman cartoon, it's also worth noting that Eric Canete (The End League, Rocketeer Adventures, TRON: Uprising) worked on the first episode and it's directed by Sam Liu (All-Star SupermanSuperman/Batman:Public EnemiesHulk VsPlanet Hulk).


If that clip isn't enough, you can get an even better look Batman's battle against the villainess Magpie in a clip secured by The Huffington Post.

Beware the Batman debuts tomorrow, July 13 at 10 a.m. ET. on Cartoon Network's DC Nation program block.
[Via FB, HP]

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