Cartoon Network's DC Nation block may not be making new episodes of Green Lantern: The Animated Series or Young Justice after this season, but in the "at-least-it-is-not-all-bad" side of the news, fans can now get a closer look at the shows' replacements.Apparently timed to coincide with Toy Fair (as toy and merchandise sales, among other things, affect the long term success of an animated superhero series), Warner Bros. Consumer Products has released new images of both Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go! which will be replacing the much beloved animated adventures of the Emerald Knight and the covert team of DC sidekicks.

The CG-animated Beware The Batman will feature more of the recent additions the Dark Knight's rogues' gallery, such as Professor Pyg and Mister Toad, both whom figured prominently into the 2009 Batman and Robin run. Anarky and Magpie will also be on hand, although so far it's Pyg and Toad that are getting the most visual promo attention.

As for Teen Titans Go!, it will be a pseudo follow-up to the popular 2003-2006 Teen Titans cartoon, but with a more comedic, full-time chibi twist. The series gained traction this past year on DC Nation in the form of shorts, and was quickly approved to a full-on series. Though a few of the shorts dealt with the team battling villains, the new promo images seem concentrated on the team hanging out and having fun (or, in the case of Starfire, totally losing her cool).

Fans disappointed by the imminent apparent cancelations of GL and YJ have responded in a number of different ways, including voicing their displeasure through social media and pushing petitions protesting the decision.

The official DC Nation Facebook page responded with a post reading, "Thank you to all our fans for expressing just how much they love DC Nation on Cartoon Network. There's still more new Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series to enjoy in the coming weeks. And DC Nation isn't going anywhere; there will be plenty of new adventures coming your way later this year."

You can see the new Beware The Batman and Teen Titans Go! promo images below to get a taste of what's coming to DC Nation next year.

[Via Spinoff]

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