Earlier this week we featured Feminist Hulk, the Twitter feed where Hulk smashes the patriarchy, but feminist tweeting doesn't all have to be capital letters and bad grammar. We'd like to imagine that there are plenty of comic book characters out there with something to say about feminism -- here's our thoughts on the third wave of the DC and Marvel universes.

I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn't very nice, so women might have been socialized into not competing with me.

You think this letter on my head stands for Antiquated Gender Roles?

Imperious Regina!

Nothing moves the Blob except solid feminist theory backed by reputable academic sources, or a poignant performance of The Vagina Monologues.

Sometimes feminist tweeting does cause an argument or two.

I told Mary Jane that saying I 'hit the jackpot,' when it came to our relationship showed a regressive worldview in which women are objects to be won.

She told me that adding 'Man' to my title showed that I was aggressively masculine and unable to allow people to view me as androgynous.

Just in case any of you think we broke up because of the One More Day thing.

Or three, or four, or five.

I think more women should get out in the world and not locked up in the kitchen. Especially when they're in fishnets.

I think that telling women that the kitchen is a bad place to be devalues the contributions of generations of our foremothers. And I think that that fishnets remark is chauvinism dressed up as sex-positivism.

I think it's really convenient to 'value' women for working for generations without credit or pay. And what's wrong with fishnets on a hero?

I think someone needs to read 'The Beauty Myth'.

I think someone needs to read 'Backlash'. And then shove it up his-

Anyone ever read 'The Dialectic of Sex'? I'm really glad the coin came up heads when I was browsing for that.

I saw Martha Wayne reading 'The Feminine Mystique' once. Before . . .

I'm Batman.

And after that, is there anything more to say?