Do you have burning questions for writer Brian K. Vaughan? Well, good news, because for most of the day today, he's taking over the Panel Syndicate Twitter account and answering people's questions. He's also talking about comics he likes, posting videos, and more.

Just last week, Vaughan and artists Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente finished their 10-issue maxiseries The Private Eye, which they offered under a "pay-as-you-like" model on the Panel Syndicate website. He promises no spoilers during his tweeting today, so if you haven't read the series yet, you can still check out the feed.

The Panel Syndicate site describes The Private Eye as follows:


 A forward-looking mystery created by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Marcos Martin with colorist Muntsa Vicente; and UNIVERSE! a series of self-contained and yet, somehow connected sci-fi tales by writer/artist Albert Monteys.


Thankfully for fans of the project, Vaughan confirmed on Twitter today that the team will produce more comics via the Panel Syndicate website, although they will not be spin-off comics related to The Private Eye story. While it's to be expected that a big name like Vaughan would attract a lot of readers, it's great to hear that this format has brought in enough money to be sustainable for the talent involved.

In addition to answering questions about comics, Vaughan is covering a lot of other subjects as well; he even makes an excellent suggestion to enjoy brunch at the Local Peasant, a splendid LA-area restaurant.

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