Joining the line of 8" Mego style dolls and assorted bobble heads, Bif Bang Pow!'s long-awaited 3.75" The Venture Bros. action figures have finally started venturing (HAW!) into retailers. Entertainment Earth and other online shops have posted new product images for the line's first wave, including 3.75" versions of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch with a flowing scarf, Hank Venture with a machete, Dean Venture with a shotgun and Brock Samson with a knife. Dr. Venture, Phantom Limb and The Monarch are expected to follow in June and pack the same roughly same 10 points of articulation and the same roughly $12 price tag. You can scope out all of the Venture Bros. 3.75" figures after the jump, including prototypes of the second wave figures from BBP!'s Toy Fair 2013 display.

Wave 1

Dr. Venture, Brock Samson, Phantom Limb and The Monarch

On Display During Toy Fair 2013

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