We’re slowly acclimating to the concept of our favorite shows taking their sweet time between seasons, though Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. has spent close to thirteen years on its six runs. Now, a new post from star James Urbaniak reveals that Season 7 production is underway, and Rusty’s back at it.

The voice of Dr. Thaddeus “Rusty” Venture shared a weekend photo with Venture Bros. co-creator Jackson Publick (real name: Christopher McCulloch), indicating that he’d officially begun recording lines for new episodes. The last Season 6 episode aired in March of 2016, and there’s plenty of work yet to be done, but progress is progress:

My first day on Season 7 of you know what.

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When last we heard, series creators Publick and Doc Hammer already had a Season 7 premiere fleshed out, owing to a mix-up in Season 6's episode count that forced them to postpone their finale idea in favor of the less-climactic “Red Means Stop.” The pair have also pondered making Season 7's premiere an in-between special, as became of “All This and Gargantua-2”:

Publick: At the moment, it would be the premiere for the next season. But you never know with us. Just like the Gargantua special, once we actually produced it, we went, “Hey, it would be much better to just put this on TV now than wait until the rest of the season is done.” It lent itself to being a special. This story we’re telling right now is not a special. Right, Doc?

Hammer: Yeah, the Gargantua one had such an epic scope, and it wasn’t happening on the Venture Compound. It kind of worked as a special. But this is just the last part of the story. Although we were tinkering with putting it at a certain time that would make it a special.

It could be some time yet before The Venture Bros. comes forth with official Season 7 details, but will Monarch’s Blue Morpho exploits finally unveil a hidden past between he and Rusty? What other major questions might Season 7 answer?

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