If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime based on it, you’re really missing out, because One-Punch Man is absolutely amazing! The premise is pretty easy to explain: a young man named Saitama decides to become a hero, for fun, and after an intensely rigorous training regimen (100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running. Every. Single. Day.), he becomes so powerful no enemy can withstand more than one of his punches. He’s then confronted with the only foes he can’t beat with his fists: the unshakeable ennui of being completely unbeatable, the boredom of being unchallenged, and the malaise of everyday life in Z-City.

I know that could potentially sound like “not that fun”, because, yeah, when you start throwing around words like “ennui” and “malaise” you can see the joy start draining out of people’s faces, but trust me, the series is a total, unrestrained blast. I’ll admit though, it might slightly be one of those “you kinda have to see it to get it” things.

While the basic premise is easy to tell people, just why and how that premise translates into one of the most fun and exciting animated series I’ve ever seen can be a little more difficult. I spent awhile trying to explain why I was so into it to my wife and her eyes just kind of glazed over. Even though the series is ostensibly action oriented, the real draw is the characters and their heart and humor. Did I mention this show is straight up hilarious? Don’t get me wrong, the action of the fight scenes is outstanding. And even though you’d think there’d be no suspense in the battles when I’ve already told you that he can beat every threat with one punch, the action is still dramatic and intense.

If you still don’t want to believe me, just take a look at all of this incredible fan art One-Punch Man has inspired, check out the artists’ sites, and have your mind changed, because not enjoying Saitama’s adventures is only hurting yourself worse than consecutive normal punches.


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