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'Venture Bros.' Season 7 in Production With James Urbaniak
We’re slowly acclimating to the concept of our favorite shows taking their sweet time between seasons, though Adult Swim’s Venture Bros. has spent close to thirteen years on its six runs. Now, a new post from star James Urbaniak reveals that Season 7 production is underway, and Rusty’s back at it.
'Samurai Jack' Boss Confirms Season 5 'The Definitive End'
Every revival brings with it one inevitable question: whether revisiting opens the door to a full-scale continuation. The same could be asked of Adult Swim’s coming Samurai Jack Season 5, the first in over a decade, though creator Genndy Tartakovsky definitively confirms that the March revival will bring an end to Jack’s journey.
'Samurai Jack' Season 5 Slices Off Bloody Full Trailer
It’s only been the better part of a decade for us, but Samurai Jack has spent a full fifty years waiting for his return, while Aku’s influence over the world has only grown. See for yourself in the full trailer for Season 5's March premiere, as Adult Swim makes full use of its timeslot for some bloody battles ahead.
Dan Harmon Clarifies 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Delay Comment
The third season of Adult Swim favorite Rick and Morty got a slight update this week with co-creator Dan Harmon’s insight into the delay, citing “fights” with himself and partner Justin Roiland. As you can imagine, “fights” can be a loaded term, for which Harmon speaks out again to clarify “the truth is not dramatic.”
'Rick and Morty' Season 3: Dan Harmon Takes Blame for Delay
Fans of Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty have been admittedly patient with Season 3; last projected to air in 2016, after Season 2 finished the prior October. There’s good news and bad on that front, as while the new season remains deep in production, co-creator Dan Harmon stepped up to blame himself for the delay.
A Hero For Fun: The Best One-Punch Man Fan Art Ever!
If you haven’t read the manga or seen the anime based on it, you’re really missing out, because One-Punch Man is absolutely amazing! The premise is pretty easy to explain: a young man named Saitama decides to become a hero, for fun, and after an intensely rigorous training regimen (100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10km running. Every. Single. Day.), he becomes so powerful no enemy can withstand more than one of his punches. He’s then confronted with the only foes he can’t beat with his fists: the unshakeable ennui of being completely unbeatable, the boredom of being unchallenged, and the malaise of everyday life in Z-City. If you still don’t want to believe me, just take a look at all of this incredible fan art One-Punch Man has inspired, check out the artists’ sites, and have your mind changed, because not enjoying Saitama’s adventures is only hurting yourself worse than consecutive normal punches.

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