Five days. That's how long we have to wait before finding out why on God's green earth the stars of CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" are dressing up as some of the finest heroines the DC Universe has to offer.

No, your eyes don't deceive you. This is a picture of Simon "Howard" Helberg as Batgirl, Jim "Sheldon" Parsons as Wonder Woman, Johnny "Leonard" Galecki as Supergirl and Kunal "Raj" Nayyar as Catwoman - Halle Berry's Catwoman, to be precise.

While "Big Bang Theory" executive producer Bill Prady wouldn't reveal why the show's cast members are running around in superheroine drag, many are already suspecting that the turn of events has something to do with the return of Wil Wheaton. Beyond that, Prady is acting cagey."I will say this," he told Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly. "This is not the worst thing that happens to someone in this episode."

Something worse than dressing somebody up as Halle Berry's Catwoman? I am officially intrigued.

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