In our recurring original art feature, writer Chris Sims and artist Rusty Shackles carry on the noble comic book tradition of the imaginary story by bringing you the Best Comics Ever that don't actually exist! This week, we're taking a look at comics that expand on the universes created in movies. Because really, this makes about as much sense as all those "Star Wars" comics:

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The Big Lebowski #14 (2006)

Story: Chris Sims

Art: Rusty Shackles

New Story Begins Here! Now that the Dude and Walter have been reunited with Donny's ghost, they're off on their next whirlwind adventure! Los Angeles isn't big enough to contain all the action as they travel the world in search of the Dude's missing Creedence tape! But as tensions rise, will their newfound magic rug be enough to tie the team together when The Jesus puts his master plan for bowling league domination in effect? I wouldn't hold out much hope for the finals... or the Creedence! Catch the action for yourself in "The Search for Creedence, Part One: Quintana Rising!"

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