"Saturday Night Live's" Bill Hader has had a busy summer. When he's not shooting lasers out of cats or co-writing Spider-Man specials with co-star Seth Meyers, Hader's voicing the lead in Judi Barret's children's book adaptation "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" and developing new comic book ideas.

Over at io9 Hader even hinted at what's to come on the comic side of his career, bringing up the possibility of a standalone "Daredevil" story.

"It wouldn't be in the current Daredevil arc. It would be in it's own stand-alone story, kind of how the Spider-Man book was. It doesn't fit into any sort of...but yeah that's how it would be different. And our idea is similar to the Spider-Man one, where it also involves peripheral characters are the main character and Daredevil is influencing the story in different ways," said Hader.

Hader and Meyers' "Spider-Man: The Short Halloween," which arrived in stores back in May, balancing the duo's signature comedic stylings with super heroics, something that they plan to replicate if Marvel and fans are willing.

"It is that kind of similar thing to the Spider-man [story]. I know people were kind of mixed on it. Some people liked it and some people were like, "why isn't Spider-Man the main character?" We weren't interested in that, we found that funnier," said Hader.