It's a sad fact of the real world that there just aren't a whole lot of palatial estates built over bat-infested cave complexes or Arctic fortresses with giant golden keys available on the real estate market. As it turns out, though, there is one super-hero sanctum that's made it to the third dimension: Oracle's Clocktower headquarters, as seen in Birds of Prey!

As pointed out by Newsarama's Jill Pantozzi, there's a real-life ringer for Oracle's apartment in New York, and even better: It's on the market! You can move right in... assuming you have a Bruce Wayne budget that can afford the $50,000 a month rent (or the $23,000,000 asking price to buy it outright), that is.

Located at 1 Main Street, the Clocktower apartment is the penthouse overlooking Brooklyn, which fits right in with Gotham City's status as DC's amped-up version of New York. And while the real estate listing doesn't include information on whether the secure satellite uplink necessary to coordinate the Justice League's operations over the Internet is included, one assumes that for fifty Gs a month, it darn well better be.

Even though it's a little out of the price range of people who don't have billionaire philanthropists on speed dial, there's no denying that it's a pretty cool setup. The clock faces are set into the four walls at the cardinal directions, providing a beautiful view that would be awesome both for monitoring crime in the city below and impressing new sidekicks, and it's even outfitted with an elevator.

It does make me wonder whose responsibility it is to reset those things for Daylight Savings, though.

And hey, with convention season heating up, there's no better time to buy! Anyone can find a laptop, a wheelchair and a bottleof red hair dye, but a twenty-three million dollar apartment? That is the ultimate accessory for the cosplayer in search of the highest level of authenticity.

If you do decide to move in, however, you may want to take a very close look at your lease for any anomalies, and not just for dummy corporations that eventually lead back to Wayne Industries. Just make sure that you're not signing something that's only going to last three months.

After all, we have it on pretty good authority that this place isn't even going to exist after September.

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