The answer to Marvel's "Who Will Be The New Man Without Fear?" teaser mystery has finally been answered. As revealed yesterday by G4's "Attack of the Show," The Black Panther has beaten out his nearly equally outlandish rivals Nova, Kraven, Gambit and Falcon as the new guardian of Hell's Kitchen.According to G4, "Daredevil" will end at #512 before picking up in #513 as "Black Panther: Man Without Fear." The shakeup comes at the close of "Shadowland" and will apparently see T'Challa take on crime sans Wakandan technology.

Writer David Liss and artist Francesco Francavilla are set to guide BP through his new surroundings in the city starting this December with "Daredevil: Reborn" to begin in January. Even a revived DD may need some rest and relaxation, though, and I have a feeling even die hard fans won't be too antsy to see Francavilla put down his pen on BP should it take awhile for Murdock to regain his "Man Without Fear" banner.

You can check out Blair Butler's reveal below:

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