Between his live action Iron Baby and stop motion animated AT-AT Day Afternoon shorts, Patrick Boivin has affixed himself at the top of our list when it comes to awesome viral videos. With he and co-animator Carnior's newest video, Black Widow Gone Wild, however, Boivin may have just become King of the Internet. Combining his apparent love of the Iron Man movies with his demonstrated penchant for awesome toys, Boivin and Carnior have animated a confrontation between Hot Toys' robust movie character catalog in which the Widow more than lives up to her name. Check out the animated action figure awesomeness after the jump.In just shy of a minute, you can see the doll version of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow conquer the likes of Whiplash, Rocky, Michael Jackson in Thriller, Superman and more. She even makes short work of T-1000 using... unconventional methods.

Considering how much this video makes me want to clean out my life's savings to purchase Hot Toys' full line of dolls, it's a wonder this hasn't already been dubbed an official commercial for the toy company.

See the magic below:

[Via Tomopop]