We've got a special holiday treat for you today on ComicsAlliance: A "Blackest Night" Christmas carol parody to the tune of "Silent Night," written and performed by myself and the Eisner Award-winning Douglas Wolk in two-part harmony with ukulele backup, all for your amusement.

We originally put this together for the War Rocket Ajax holiday special podcast, which also features Matt Fraction "playing piano," an unforgettable holiday story from Rick Remender involving an elevator and farts, a Wolverine/Jean Grey version of the super-creepy "Baby It's Cold Outside," and Colleen Coover singing "Santa Baby." Probably, you should go listen to it.

A video version of our holiday contribution is after the jump, and while neither Douglas nor myself are Aretha Franklin, we think "Blackest Night" fans may be amused, plus you get to watch me busting out a Christmas carol about evil corpses in super-dramatic karaoke style while Douglas does a pretty great Nekron impression around 0:42.

Merry Christmas!

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