Among the great out-of-print art books of the world is Blade Runner Sketchbook, collecting original production artwork from what is perhaps best designed science fiction film ever. Originally published by Blue Dolphin Enterprises in 1982, the book includes material by Blade Runner conceptual designer Syd Mead as well as Mentor Huebner, Charles Knode, Michael Kaplan and director Ridley Scott himself, whose contributions are drawn in the style of one of the film's primary visual influences, Moebius.

Because physical copies go for hundreds of dollars, Blade Runner Sketchbook has been available online in various bootleg forms for years, but we've just become aware of an embeddable version uploaded in October that makes reading this lost gem easier than ever. Click after the cut to read the entire book, which includes artwork for sequences and concepts that were never filmed (like Tyrell's Cyrpto-Crypt and Zhora's Orgasma Mask).

Some favorites:

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