Dark Horse unveiled a slate of new titles for the coming year in a presentation at the retaiiler event Comics PRO in Portland on Thursday, as part of its planned 30th anniversary celebrations. In addition to the previously announced free 40-page 30th Anniversary Dark Horse Day Sampler, showcasing classic Dark Horse titles, the publisher will debut new series by fan-favourite creators including Jeff Lemire, Gail Simone and Cullen Bunn.




Black Hammer, from Lemire and Dean Ormston is about five superheroes trapped in a mysterious town, and is set to launch in July. On his blog, Lemire says, “The book follows the strange cast of characters as they work to assimilate themselves into quiet small town life, living as a bizarre surrogate family on the farm, all the while try to uncover the many mysteries of the farm, where they really are and how to get back home.”




Gail Simone took to Twitter to talk about her new all-ages series Wonderfall, with art by her Red Sonja collaborator Walter Geovani. Wonderfall is described as, “An epic fantasy, featuring­ the adventures of Yala, a young girl with powers even she isn't fully aware of,­ against the nightmarish forces that threaten her home and family.“




Cullen Bunn was announced as the writer of a new Conan series, Conan The Slayer, with art by Sergio Dávila and covers by Lee Bermejo and Mark Schultz. Conan The Slayer sees the Cimmerian barbarian hunted and half-dead, forced to rely on the new Kozaki chief for aid and is released on July 13th.




Dark Horse also announced the first volume of The Moebius Library, collecting the works of the legendary artist, beginning with Moebius Library: The World of Edena Volume 1. This new printing contains all five chapters of The World of Edena, and is released on 26th October.




Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender will be overjoyed to hear that Gene Luen Yang and Gurihiru are returning for a new graphic novel series titles North and South. The story centers on Katara’s home village in the south being transformed into a bustling city, and her distrust of the northern woman who is pushing for unification between the Northern and Southern Water Tribes. Volume 1 is released on September 28th.




Not only is this year the 30th anniversary of Dark Horse Comics, but it’s also the 30th anniversary of James Cameron’s Aliens, and Dark Horse has announced an Aliens Day event for 26th April. Brian Wood and Tristan Jones’ new Aliens Defiance series launches the same day.


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