If you've ever enjoyed watching Blair Butler cover comics on G4's "Fresh Ink," then you may be pretty excited at the DC Comics announcement during Comic-Con that she'll be appearing on the cover of "Booster Gold" #23 -- in a Booster Gold Fan Club tee, naturally.

But for anyone who hasn't seen "Fresh Ink" -- and the internet commenters wondering whether she's just another pretty face on a comic book cover -- consider this a Public Service Announcement: Anyone who knows Blair Butler knows the lady is a true hardcore comics fan, and her deal is as real as it comes. Don't believe me? Hear what she has to say about Booster -- and his real #1 fan -- for yourself.

ComicsAlliance: So, how did the whole "Booster Gold" cover with DC come about?

Blair Butler: I actually got a call from Dan DiDio who said he had a crazy idea for an upcoming issue of "Booster Gold." Basically – and forgive me, because my memory sucks and I'm still recovering from Comic-Con – I recall that he said DC wanted to do a cover that sort of stood out for #23, and having a photo cover with a Booster fan was the main idea. It seemed oddly appropriate, since Booster is a bit of an attention hog. I think he'd not-so-secretly love the idea of having a lady-fan on the cover of his book. And, honestly, I was incredibly humbled that DC would ask me to don the Blue and Gold fan colors. I've loved comics since I had to stand on a stool to reach the quarter-bins at my local comic shop, so it's pretty awesome to get to be part of a DC comic.
CA: So what exactly makes you Booster Gold's biggest fan?

BB: Well, first, let me just admit that there are some massive Booster fans out there who really dwarf me – the folks who run the Boosterrific site, the guys at Project Fanboy, and the folks in the DC forums. They're all so passionate that it's really awe-inspiring and humbling. But let's settle this now: The real #1 fan would be Skeets or Blue Beetle. And I think Ted wins. However, if this were the mid-80s, Trixie Collins would totally be on the cover, rockin' some awesome 80s shoulder-pads.

I think the people who love Booster really respond to the fact that even though he's a shameless self-promoter, at the end of the day, he's a good, decent, heroic person at the core. Plus, when you live in LA, there's no more fitting superhero than Booster. I mean, the guy saves a crashing plane and does product placement. So Hollywood.

: What's your favorite Booster Gold moment?

BB: Oh, man, that's tough. I mean, as far as pure humor goes, any time he teamed up with Ted Kord – especially in the "JLI" comics – it was comedy gold. I also loved it when they stole J'onn's faux-Oreo cookies in (I think) the Martian Manhunter series – and the Beetle is literally riding Booster through the air like a sky-pony as they try to escape.

But there are two really defining Booster moments that always get me. One is, of course, the JLA's fight with Doomsday in the "Death of Superman" tie-ins. Just Booster standing up to Doomsday – even though he's been basically drained of power – and still trying to save civilians after he's been beaten half-to-death – it was such a moment of, "Here's one of the *supposedly* most self-centered people in the DCU, and even he's putting his life on the line for the Man of Steel." It reminded everyone that at his core, when everything else is stripped away, Booster really wants to do good. (People also always forget that Booster is the guy who named Doomsday, "Doomsday.")

The other is a moment is in the Johns/Katz "52 Pick-Up" arc where Booster is desperately trying to save the lives of the JLA, but, to protect them – and the time stream – he has to lie and pretend he's exactly the shallow, self-absorbed guy that most of the JLA think he is. It's such a heart-breaking moment for him. That just really resonated with me. Couple that with his desire to see Ted – and his sister – again...and you start to see all these added dimensions to Booster.

CA: We all know that you're going to be on the cover of "Booster Gold" now, but are you going to make an appearance inside the book as well?

BB: Straight from Dan Jurgens' mouth, I'll play a "slight role." Honestly, having anything to do with the comic is an honor.

CA: Does it ever irritate you that some people seem to think you're just a pretty face, and not a fellow fan with a serious love of comics?

BB: I'm a comics fan first, and a lady on TV second. It's really that simple. If you've ever watched the Fresh Ink Online Podcast (a shameless plug that Booster would be proud of) you can see that I'm passionate about comics. I've been reading them all my life, I love them, and I'm always excited to talk about them. So if you doubt me, just give me the opportunity to nerd out with you for a bit. I'm a fangirl, through-and-through.