Back in May we learned that the DCEU’s dark, dingy corners might have a little light shined into them by way of Booster Gold, the cocky, funny, quick-witted fellow from the future who steals some high-tech gear and travels back in time to the present day in order to make a name for himself as a superhero. Now we’ve learned that the Booster Gold movie won’t be involved in the DC cinematic universe at all.

Greg Berlanti, the director of the project, told Vulture that, “As of right now we have no connective tissue to those worlds,” explaining that “It'd be a separate thing.”

He also said that plans for a Booster Gold movie hatched out of a failed attempt at a Booster Gold TV show. Berlanti and his longtime co-producer Andrew Kreisberg then approached DC Entertainment with an idea for a film. Zack Stentz, who worked on the scripts for X-Men: First Class and the first Thor, and also an episode of The Flash, helped take the story from television to film.

The reason DC is keeping Booster Gold separate from the DCEU could be because of the director himself. Folks were excited by the prospect of a Booster Gold movie, not only because the hero is a welcome change from the gloom-and-doom of Man of Steel, Batman v. Superman, and Suicide Squad, but also because Berlanti is the producer behind DC’s TV shows Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, which are way more humorous and fun-loving than their blockbuster counterparts.

The TV and film universes are already separate, with different actors playing Superman and the Flash in each, so this could mean that a Booster Gold movie might tie in with the TV shows (much like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers movies occasionally correspond). Or it could also be because the upcoming Justice League already has enough heroes, and the prospect of adding more exhausted the DC execs too much.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how a standalone Booster Gold project holds up against all these super cinematic universes.


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