Craig Thompson's multiple Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz Award winning graphic novel Blankets needs little formal introduction these days. The author's coming-of-age tale has been winning over fans since 2003, after all. Still, if you're new to comics or just haven't made the time commitment to absorb Thompson's 592 page exploration of love, faith, art and growing up in the Midwest, we're pleased to fill you in on why now's a solid time to give the modern classic your undivided attention. Top Shelf will release new Blankets hardcover and softcover editions this August boasting a new cover design, higher-quality paper, Smyth-sewn bindings, a spot gloss and a slightly wider trim size.
Beefed-up tactile quality aside, it's Thompson's craft that justifies picking up the revitalized Blankets. Sure, it clocks a page count twice as robust as many contemporary elected officials' autobios, but Blankets isn't just an engrossing tale -- it's a brilliant example of craft done right. The basic litmus test? Count the number of times you tell yourself "one more page" before you have to go to bed/wrap a lunch break/take the dog out. You'll likely hit double digits. Even if you don't think you're in the mood for a little romance reading, Blankets stands as an easy-to-absorb artistic achievement that will resonate with you long after you've stopped snuggling your copy.

Top Shelf's release is well timed as the release of Thompson's long-awaited Habibi hardcover will arrive in stores on September 20. Is it too soon to call this the "Autumn of Thompson?"

See images of the upcoming hardcover and softcover editions of Blankets, along with a few preview pages below:

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