Publisher Locus Moon press has been working on the new anthology book, Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, for about two years now, and it's asking for fans to help make the long journey come to fruition.

The book,which tasks creators including Paul Pope, John Cassaday, Jill Thompson, Cliff Chiang, J.H. Williams III, Craig Thompson, Carla Speed McNeil, Mike Allred and Roger Langridge, with drawing new, full-page Little Nemo strips in the style of series creator Winsor McCay, will come out in the fall if Locus Moon can raise $50,000 via Kickstarter. The project launched Monday morning, and by mid-afternoon, it was at around $13,000. Not a bad start.

The Kickstarter page has a full listing of creators involved, and it's a formidable one. That I haven't even had room to mention Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, J.G. Jones, Moritat, Peter Bagge, Bill Sienkiewicz Paolo Rivera, Jim Rugg, Tom Scioli and Ron Wimberly should be proof of that.

McCay's Little Nemo comics, which ran in various newspapers from 1905 to 1926, have been hugely influential for decades, which makes it curious that the character has rarely reappeared in any sort of comics project in a very long time. The character last appeared in the animated film Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland, which was made in 1989, and the video game Little Nemo: The Dream Master a few years later.

Nonetheless, the simple idea of a little boy being transported to the fantastical worlds of his dreams is sort of the perfect concept for the visual medium of comics, and seeing how this group of creators handles the premise will be exciting, to say the least. Kickstarter donors who donate $100 or more get copies of the 144-page, newspaper-sized book, and donors higher up have the opportunity to get signed copies, personalized sketches, and original art.

For those that don't contribute to the Kickstarter, the book should be available sometime next year.


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Roger Langridge
Peter Bagge
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