Given the publisher's resounding success with both creator-owned series like "Hellboy," "Concrete" and "The Umbrella Academy," as well as licensed properties like "Star Wars," "Alien" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," it's easy to forget Dark Horse Comics' shall we say, more humble roots.

That's why the profile of 1988's "Insane" at Seenallover has such an overwhelming sense of charm.

While the cover to this issue, featuring a parody of Marvel's X-Men, is fun in its own right, it's kind of surreal to consider DH had a go at its own version of "MAD Magazine." And as Seenallover points out, cover artist Jim Bradrick putting Mickey Mouse ears on Wolverine borders on prescience. Spooky!

Sadly, the magazine is no longer with us, but the issues seem to fetch a pretty penny online. Looking at this cover, it's not hard to understand why.

Now, for the love of Clodzilla Dark Horse, consider making these available on your Web site's E-Reader.

[Via Twitter @enemyofpeanuts]

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