Each year at Comic-Con, amidst all the chaos, there's one moment that stands out. It's a significant moment that, even if you don't witness it, you remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when you heard it happened. And while I've not taken any kind of formal survey, I feel confident saying that this year, that unforgettable moment happened when writer Christopher Yost closed his eyes and drew Batman with a giant set of balls.

Inspired by the website Blind as a Bat, artist Olly Moss approached a bunch of industry friends at Comic-Con with a task: close your eyes, pick up a marker, and draw Batman. Among those who stepped up to the challenge were Becky Cloonan, Mark Chiarello, Jock, Jhonen Vasquez, Duncan Jones, Mark Buckingham, and many more, and the results are amazing. You can check out a few examples, including Yost's masterpiece, below.

Jock -- Artist

Jhonen Vasquez -- Cartoonist

Brett Lewis -- Writer

Duncan Jones -- Director

Will Dennis -- Editor, Vertigo/DC Comics

Mark Chiarello -- Artist, DC Comics VP Art Direction & Design

Christopher Yost -- Writer

Eric Garza -- Designer at Mondo

Tyler Hutchison -- Cartoonist

Lisa Hanawalt -- Artist

Mark Buckingham -- Artist

Becky Cloonan -- Artist

Craig Kyle -- Producer of Thor and Thor: The Dark World

Olly Moss -- Artist

Ben Mekler -- Ruin the Internet

For more, head over to Olly Moss' tumblr.