Not a lot has been revealed about Jamie Reyes' upcoming adventures in the "New 52" kicking off September 21 in Blue Beetle #1, but it's pretty clear themes of family, friendship and using sinister alien tech for good will still be strong components of the new status quo. DC Comics has provided ComicsAlliance with another piece of the BB puzzle with an exclusive first-look at Blue Beetle #3, however, which shows three foes the hero will face care of writer Tony Bedard, artists Ig Guara and Ruy Jose and cover artists Tyler Kirkham and Sal Regla. See the full cover to Blue Beetle #3 after the cut.There's no solicitation info available for the issue just yet, but judging from the synopsis for Blue Beetle #2, it looks like this is the team of supervillains trying to steal the alien scarab tech that's fused to his spine. Given the stakes, we don't blame him for drawing a huge gun on Evil Orange Goo Dude.

See the cover to Blue Beetle #3 below:

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