The production company behind such films as The Dark Knight, The Hangover, Inception, Superman Returns, Watchmen, and Where the Wild Things Are, Legendary Pictures announced this week the formation of a new comic book division to be overseen by Bob Schreck. The venerable editor has left his Senior Editor position at IDW Publishing, and is known for his prodigious work at DC Comics and Dark Horse, and for founding Oni Press. Legendary Comics intends to publish four to six original graphic novels a year in both print and digital, although what remains to be seen are any details at all about what those books will be and who will be creating them.In an official statement, Legendary Comics indicated that Schreck has already begun work for the company, with his first project expected to release in the first half of 2011. While no specifics have been released with respect to titles or creators, Legendary did solicit some kind remarks from some of Schreck's famous friends, namely Frank Miller and Neil Gaiman.

Frank Miller stated, "Bob Schreck is a joy to work with. He's tough but affable, mindful of the publisher's needs but a happy warrior on the side of the artist. We've worked together to mutual satisfaction for years. Legendary has proven its 'fides all over the movie industry and I expect no less from its publishing arm. With Bob, they've made the perfect choice: the man's a talent magnet."

Neil Gaiman added, "I'm thrilled that Legendary is going to be entering the world of comics. I've been amazed and delighted by their respect for creators in the movie arena, and it can only be good news for the whole world of pop culture that they are going to be encouraging creators to tell unique, smart stories while creating amazing comics for them."

World War Z author Max Brooks is also supportive of Schreck's new venture, but used language that suggests his own involvement. "To be attached to a creative engine of this magnitude is as thrilling as it is humbling," said Max Brooks.

Naturally, his new duties at Legendary preclude Schreck from working at IDW, and the publisher released a statement confirming the editor's move: "We appreciate all the hard work Bob has done for IDW, and are sad to see him go," said IDW CEO, Ted Adams. "But this is a great opportunity for Bob, and we wish him the best of luck."

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