One of the greatest spectacles of the modern public library has got to be the "Read" promotional celebrity endorsement posters. Long before corporations were chasing cause marketing, these were great outlets for those in the limelight to quickly and easily "give back" and encourage others to pursue something quasi-noble and completely inoffensive.

The results are usually fantastic with athletes looking awkward and movie stars captured as vaguely wholesome, but despite years of library experience, I don't think I ever saw a poster quite as awesome as the one created by artist Dave Kellett for today's "Sheldon" strip.

While this poster is a cold reminder that Boba Fett wasn't really much of a bounty hunter despite an awesome suit of armor (there is no arguing he dies screaming like a child), it also manages to remind us that, yes, the "special edition" Sarlacc was one of the few vast improvements over the original trilogy.

Also, you really should read and check out your local library for graphic novels.