Boba Fett wasn't always the Mandalorian armor-wearing bad-ass that made it into the final films. Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie originally envisioned Fett as a sort of super-trooper (meow) in the Imperial army. The concept also stemmed a bit from the original ideas for Darth Vader, though we all know how that turned out. The Fett we saw on screen was a further modified version of McQuarrie's concepts that was finished off by Joe Johnston, who was an art director at Lucasfilm at the time. While the white armor even made it so far as to be screen-tested, the final version deviated from McQuarrie's original plans quite a bit.

There have been a few different figures and collectibles over the years to commemorate Boba's original all-white armor, but none that were based solely on McQuarrie's original design. That's where Sideshow Collectibles steps in. As part of its new Star Wars Concept Art series of statues, the Boba Fett that had previously only lived as a painting or sketch will soon be realized in 3D.

Though McQuarrie's original vision for the bounty hunter was altered for the final film, you can see the armor wasn't evolved all that drastically. The jetpack is still there, as is the wrist-mounted rocket weapon. The helmet is fairly close to the film iteration, though it's got small differences like a breathing apparatus and a bisected visor. Both give you a hint of the Darth Vader lineage the character once had before being reworked for the final films. It actually makes us really curious to see what the final Darth Vader concept statue is going to look like, though the silhouette teased alludes to it not being all that different from the iconic Sith lord we all know now.

The Sideshow Collectibles Boba Fett Ralph McQuarrie Artist Concept Series Statue will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow for $424.99. The Sideshow-exclusive version will include the more familiar Mandalorian helmet from the films as a swappable accessory.


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