Boom Studios announced the creative team for its upcoming roller derby comic Slam this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con; the book comes from writer Pamela Ribon and artist Veronica Fish, and is expected in stores this November.

Pamela Ribon is pretty new to comics. She's written an issue of Oni's Rick & Morty, but most of her credits are in TV and film. In fact, she's one of the writers on Disney's upcoming animated film Moana. That makes her a pretty exciting "get" right now, because based on the trailers that movie looks delightful. Veronica Fish is best known as the current artist on Archie, alongside writer Mark Waid. She's also drawn Silk at Marvel, and the indie sci fi comic Pirates of Mars.

Beyond that, and the one piece of Fish artwork seen above, we don't know anything about the comic. Looking at the art, my first instinct is to pigeonhole the characters left to right as The Tough One, The Cute One, The Glam One, and The Nice One. But honestly, the truth is that they all look tough, cute, glam, and nice. The also vary in race, size, and build, which is always a good place to start with any cast. With the book not out until November, I'm sure we'll learn more between now and then.

With the push for more women-centric comics, a series about roller derby seems rather inevitable. The sport's been around since the 1930s, but has enjoyed a huge resurgence this century, with women's leagues springing up in just about every major city.