The Holidays are upon as, and the year is basically gone. And as you know by now, that mean that here at ComicsAlliance, we're looking back at the best that comics had to offer in 2016. So here, to give you warm feeling as you head into your holiday weekend, are the best Archie Comics covers of the year.

I associate Archie with warm feelings because I grew up reading their pleasantly formulaic comics in digests, as so many kids do. But it's interesting to pay attention now and realize that Archie Comics has some pretty dark fare these days. For every Jughead, there's a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. For every Josie there's a Hangman, and for every Archie, there is of course an Afterlife with Archie.

Even with the addition of Archie Horror and Dark Circle lines, Archie Comics doesn't have the volume of a DC or Marvel, but quality beats quantity every time, and Archie's books tend to be excellent. That does mean that you'll see the same titles come up more often in this gallery than you might with another publisher's covers. There's plenty of Archie, Jughead, and Betty and Veronica. And because Archie Comics loves variants, there's even multiple covers for some of the same issues.

It's similar with artists. There's a lot of Veronica Fish, Erica Henderson, and Derek Charm. There's also some David Mack, which I wasn't expecting going in. But Archie has a great eye for talent, so any artist they keep around is an artist worth paying attention to. When you look at these covers, I think you'll agree.



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