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Menage a 3 is a webcomic about the lives of three roommates --- the nerdy, cute Gary; the punk rock Zii; and the beautiful, gorgeous DiDi --- and all of their relationship misadventures. Imagine a sitcom, but cuter and sexier than anything on TV.


What would you do if you were a boring virgin in Montreal who comes home to find his two roommates having sex on the couch? And then they announce that they're gay. And dating. And moving out. If your answer is, put out an advertisement that leads to you getting two quirky, sexily adventurous bisexual girl roommates, then you might be Gary.

While that sound like a lot to take in, the comic keeps going, spiraling into sitcom levels of insanity --- all the while keeping the focus on the lives of these weird, sexy roommates who become friends and more.


Pixie Trix Comics



The co-writer and illustrator is Gisèle Lagacé (aka Giz). She's one half of the publishing imprint Pixie Trix Comix, and her other work includes Eerie Cuties, Magick Chicks, and more. She's also worked on Archie Comics, including illustrating the one-shot Archie Meets Ramones.

David Lumsdon (aka Dave Zero) is the co-writer and other half of Pixie Trix Comix. His writing credits include Dangerously Chloe, Magik Chicks, and Eerie Cuties.


Pixie Trix Comics



It's an unfiltered, uncensored, hilarious sex comedy. It has heart, but it's not beneath the sex, it's part of it. The characters are the kind you can find yourself falling in love with. But also there's a ton of really cute, fun sexy sex.

The sex is almost omnipresent, but the comedy and the characters are the focus; the sex isn't obscene, it's just a part... a large part... of these characters life. It's often hilarious and fun. Menage a 3 has an incredibly healthy attitude towards sex of all kinds.


Pixie Trix Comics



If you want to read a comic about all the weird types of sexual relationships there are --- from the straightest of monogamy to the queerest polygamy --- you'll dig Menage a 3. Anyone who likes sex comics will adore this, and it's perfect if you're in the mood for something that is (if you squint) erotica of a decidedly feminist bent.

Fans of sex comedies like Coupling, Empowered, or Colleen Coover's Small Favors will find this their new favorite. And even if you're not super into sex comics, but like comedies, you should check this out.


Menage a 3 is published three times a week on ma3comic.com. Collected editions are available on Comixology and on Big Cartel. If you hadn't already guessed, the comics contain nudity and sexual content!



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