Pendelton Ward's Adventure Time animated series is beloved in its usual form by viewers, cosplayers and readers of Boom! Studios monthly comic book series, but season three's episode "Fionna and Cake," which reversed the cast's genders (and in Jake's case, species) is arguably the most popular. With this in mind, Boom! has sent ComicsAlliance a special image of Fionna and Cake by Becky Dreistadt & Frank Gibson (Tiny Kitten Teeth) from an undisclosed project. What could it mean? An alternate cover for an upcoming issue of AT? A teaser for a special gender-swapped backup story? Or could it be a sign of something more... ambitious? After all, last time Boom! teased us with Bravest Warriors content, it turned out to be a pretty big deal. You can check out the full image after the cut to see what you make of it.

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