Ever since the Free Comic Book Day solicitations came out and we discovered that Boom! Studios' offering this year featured Mordecai and Rigby on the cover, we've been wondering if that would be followed up by an announcement of a full-on Regular Show comic book. Now, we have our answer... sort of. Today, Boom! Studios released one of their mysteriously cryptic visual press releases, featuring only silhouettes.

Fortunately, talking birds and raccoons are pretty easy to identify.As to the details of any Regular Show comic that may or may not be in the works (read: is definitely coming out sometime soon), like whether it'll be a miniseries, an ongoing or just a special, and who the creative team will be, that remains to be seen. If I had to take a guess, though, I'd assume that Boom! would be following in the footsteps of their highly successful and well-reviewed Adventure Time comic by wrangling some webcomic talent -- at least for the inevitable alternate covers.

And hey. You know who else likes alternate covers?