There's a certain kind of frustration that comes with a retailer-exclusive variant cover. On the one hand, you're getting more art of characters that you like, but on the other, if you don't live near a store that has your favorite, you are out of luck for getting one yourself, my friend. And for me, this has never been more evident than when Boom Studios released its roster of retailer-exclusive variants for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1, out tomorrow.

But here's the good news: Boom has released over a dozen covers that will be hitting the stands at comic book stores across the world tomorrow, which means that you can take a look at some truly amazing art of the Power Rangers even if you're not near one of the stores that's participating in getting their own variant. Check them out below, and click each one for a full-sized version!


Dimension X Comics connecting variant covers by Scott Swade


Ultimate Comics by Janice Chu
Heroes & Fantasies by Veronica Fish
Phat Collectibles by Sina Grace
Newbury Comics by Mike Henderson & Adam Guzowski
Third Eye Comics by Jerry Gaylord & Whitney Cogar
Fried Pie by Corin Howell
Tate's Comics by Javier Reyes
Collector's Paradise by Phillip Tan & Elmer Santos
Things from Another World by Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
Cards, Comics, and Collectibles by Steve Conley
Jesse James Comics / Exceed Exclusives (Green Dragon Zord) Connecting Cover by Nick Robles
Jesse James Comics / Exceed Exclusives (Green Ranger) Connecting Cover by Nick Robles
Hypno Comics by Helen Chen
Wonderworld Comics by Jeffrey "Chamba" Cruz

And hey, if you do live near one of these stores, make sure you pick an extra one up for me. I'm good for it.

(Editor's Note: Chris is not at all good for it.)


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