If you've read Prophet, you've already seen Brandon Graham put his own incredibly enjoyable spin on a property that you might not expect to match up with his unique sensibilities. This week, though, he and artist Emily Carroll went a step further by retelling a classic Betty & Veronica story, taking the established gag and turning them into something sad and sinister.

The original story, a George Gladir/Dan DeCarlo five-pager called "Boo Hoo Déjà Vu," finds Archie's favorite girls traveling to a far-off mall and running into what appears to be their male doppelgängers, so already things are a little bizarre. Check out Graham and Carroll's versions below!First up, Graham's version:

Then Carroll's more surreal, horror-inspired take:

To see more art -- and how it compares to the original -- check out Graham's website. And who knows? With Archie experimenting with their format as much as they have been over the past few years, maybe a Brandon Graham or Emily Carroll run on Betty & Veronica isn't as far-fetched as it seems.

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