The greater population of ComicsAlliance are already huge fans of Pendleton Ward's Bravest Warriors series for Cartoon Hangover and its BOOM! Studios spinoff, but I confess that the project was stuck in my "to-do" pile while Caleb Goellner blogged about it with the expertise and enthusiasm you've come to expect from this site. Fortunately for me, Caleb's exit from CA syncs up with the arrival of Kate Leth, who takes over as the new writer of Bravest Warriors beginning with next week's issue #21. Joined by artist Ian McGinty, Leth's first issue, as it turns out, is a good entry point for new readers curious to check out just what all the fuss is about.

The Bravest Warriors are a teenage super team from the far future whose powers are rooted in the emotional spectrum -- they're like those Green Lantern guys except cuter (although there are still dismemberments). Ostensibly meant to save the universe, the Bravest Warriors and their weird cat-ladybug-thing (who visits their parents who're marooned in another dimension -- there's some backstory) spend most of their time getting into and out of variously perilous and hilarious adventures.

Issue #21 looks like it might offer the team some respite from the chaos as the group enjoys a picnic in some exotic locale. Unfortunately they forgot the proverbial keys in the car and that exotic locale turns out to be a dying planet. Also they're all gonna barf from eating too much.


Cover by Mandy Martin
Cover by Amber Ren
Cover by Jason Adams